Solar power is a renewable and ‘green’ energy  provided by the sun.

     So how does a solar panel work?

     First, the solar panels receive sunlight and convert the sunlight into direct current electricity (DC) through solar cells.Second, the direct current electricity is converted into alternating current electricity through the inverter, which can be used by homes and businesses.Third, excess power can be stored in batteries or fed back into the grid.In addition You can also use electricity from the grid, if you need more power than your solar panels can generate.

      Monocrystalline  solar panel

      Monocrystalline solar panels have a higher efficiency rate in generating electricity from light and are a more space-efficient solution. Durable, long living and aesthetically pleasing, these cells are the ideal solution for residential and small commercial rooftop installations.

      Polycrystalline  solar panel

      Polycrystalline solar panels are simpler to produce and offer the most cost-efficient and versatile option. This type of panel is available in a range of sizes and colors, suitable for both residential and larger-scale installations as well as on and off-grid application.

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