In the first five months, 9.91GW of PV installed capacity was added

Apr 19, 2021

    On June 18, the National Energy Administration released the national power industry statistics for January-May .

      By the end of May, China's installed power generation capacity was 2.24 billion kilowatts, up 9.5 percent year on year.Among them, installed wind power capacity reached 290 million kW, up 34.4% year on year;Installed solar power capacity reached 260 million kilowatts, up 24.7 percent year on year.

    In terms of newly installed capacity, the newly installed capacity of hydropower was 3.67GW;Thermal power capacity increased by 14.84 GW;1.15GW nuclear power installed capacity;Wind power installed 7.79 GW;Solar power added 9.91 GW.

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